Digital Design

3708 Spirits

3708 Spirits is a luxury spirits brand born out of the nation's capital. We created a cohesive brand ethos that speaks to the roots of the company's founders and plays off of the agave used to create the beverage. We designed a color palette that delivers meaningful feelings and designed bottle labels that ensures this new product stands out visually.

– Dorian Kirkwood
Project Designer

Designing a brand ethos that stands out amongst the pack.

We helped the 3708 Spirits team take this brand from idea to conception. Our goal was to create a logo and brand mark that is sleek yet powerful in its messaging. The 'zero' in the clean typeface has been modified to show a growing agave plant. This represents the authentic ingredients of the product. With the bottle design, we used a black bottle to heavily contrast the light brand colors and to ensure that the product stands out on shelves.

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Guide
  • Bottle Label Design
  • Logo Motion Graphics
  • Graphic Design

Our Inspiration

Our inspiration behind this brand design was rooted in the Agave fields native of Mexico. We wanted to bring clean design and bold contrast to describe the premium spirit. We also were inspired by strong brand icons that work alone without any typeface. This is how we landed with the design of the 'O' with Agave growing in it. This design element is carried throughout the bottle design, the marketing materials and more. Woke with us to build or refresh your brand with thoughtful design.